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Bookworm Room's Podcast

Aug 6, 2019

In this podcast, I spent a little time talking about our Bill of Rights, which constrains the government in favor of liberties naturally inherent in all people. Of these liberties, the Second Amendment is one of the most important. I discuss too the lack of imagination that has Progressives see only the relatively small number who die from guns, versus the very large number of people whose lives are saved by guns.

Finally, I discuss the way in which the Left is making thought crimes an issue. Leftists impute racist thought crimes to Trump and then seek to punish them. In doing so, they ignore that Truman, one America's more righteous leaders was a racist who integrated the U.S. Military Forces and an anti-Semite who supported the founding of the state of Israel. In other words, people can put principles ahead of prejudices. Trump's record shows that, even if we pretend solely for the sake of argument that he's a racist, there is nothing racist about his governance.