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Bookworm Room's Podcast

Jul 26, 2021

Once again, I give my invariably strong opinions about the day's news, whether it's lying doctors, sports teams renaming themselves, the Olympics, poor Jacob Chansley, Antifa and the NYPD, the myriad failures of the governing left, Jen Psaki's snark, or a wonderful Donald Trump impersonator. Here are links to all the sites on which I relied or to which I cited.

(Also, too late to do anything about it, I remembered the word for the wonder Shawn Farsh is "impersonator" not "imitator.")

Bookworm Room

American Thinker (re the Alabama doctor)

New York Post (re the Cleveland “Guardians”)

Daily Caller (re Olympics)

Newsmax (re Jacob Chansley)

RedState (re Antifa and NYPD)

Andrew Klavan

CNS News (re Jen Psaki)

Shawn Farash on Twitter