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Bookworm Room's Podcast

Jun 28, 2022

In this video podcast, I give my own take on Dobbs and other Supreme Court issues, Uvalde, Marxism, Democrats as the Party of poop, the racist, and fanatically homophilic nature of pricy education in America. Here are the links to which I explicitly refer.

Jun 16, 2022

I address hope about politics and climate, our reversion to paganism, lockdowns and what they did, the madness of the transgender crowd, and the Uvalde shooting, with my usual side notes into things I find interesting. Links below

Historic hope: 18th to 19th century...

Apr 29, 2022

This video offers a snapshot of just how crazy Democrats have become. But don't worry! This is actually good news.

Feb 8, 2022

I discuss a little bit of everything about the news of the day: Truckers, federal money for crack pipes, Joe Rogan and the "N" word, and more. 

Jan 17, 2022

I'm learning a new technology, so this is a wee bit rough, but I cover the need for courage today (with examples), ivermectin madness and government control over healthcare, media lies, the lack of religious liberty in Canada, and Americans' loss of trust in the military. 

Here are the articles to which I...